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Personal Injury, Auto Accident and Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Virginia Beach, VA

Which legal areas do the legal team at Price, Perkins, Larkin specialize in? We have an extensive track record in helping those who have been impacted by a personal injury. Whether you are looking at options for auto accident lawyers due to drunk driver accidents or not, we have extensive skills in this area. We also have a long history of favorable legal outcomes when there has been a case of medical malpractice.


Virginia Beach, VA Medical Malpractice Lawyer and Accident Attorney


Malpractice can be life changing to an individual, or in the case of a wrongful death, to their surviving loved ones. If you believe you have a case for medical malpractice in or near Virginia Beach, VA, contact our personal injury attorneys today.


We strive to help our clients get the compensation and the justice they deserve and have an excellent track record of verdicts and settlements. We know that no two cases are identical and so we invite you to make an appointment to talk to us so that we can help you learn more about legal options.


Had a slip and fall accident or other personal injury? Price Perkins Larkin is a law firm that knows what steps are needed immediately following an accident in order to put you in a potentially winning position. Important details of an accident can fade from memory quickly. We encourage you to write down everything you can remember as soon as there’s an auto accident or slip and fall, and contact a lawyer specialized in personal injury as soon as you possibly can.


Meet with us in our Virginia Beach, VA law office to learn more about your options as well as your obligations.

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